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Visio 2007 Demo: Show It Like It Is -- Connect Data to Your Visio Diagram View a demo on using Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007.
Size: 7.36MB
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Office Visio Office Professional Office Visio Development  
Connect 2 Connect 2 is an interesting puzzle game for free.
Size: 0.885MB
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Connect 4 The classic 2 player game can now be played in your favorite browser
Size: 57 KB
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play Game opera widget game widget connect4 game connect4  
Connect Simplify your digital life with a secure wireless network tuned for home or small office.
Size: 947.79K
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schedule dial-up time check connection schedule check  
Still Connect Still Connect is small program that will click resume for you every 30 minutes that warning message popup and it'll click...
Size: Evaluation
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popup message Warning Message resume builder program  
Connect Four Line four colored pegs to win.
Size: 348 KB
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JDataConnect Solution for leveraging data contained in ODBC data sources.
Size: 5.1MB
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data server Connect Compare Data Sources  
Silverleaf .NET Data Access Component .NET Data Access Component will increase your productivity and provide reliability when building your d...
Size: 439.37K
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Component data access Compare Data Sources  
DataVision 2005 Connect to BDE, ADO, and Interbase data sources for database editing, query building, data exporting, and reporting.
Size: 17.53MB
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query data exporting caption data Compare Data Sources  
ReaSoft Network Drive Solution for both home users and sysops of up to medium-sized enterprises. From now onwards, you can easily connect one or several local folders to the network drive, encrypt data, keep all the data i
Size: 2.04 MB
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Encrypt Data data encrypt data connect  
Database Browser Explore your databases with this tool
Size: 3.4 MB
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database database manager connection Browser Connect  
Fusion Professional Connect and integrate applications and data across networks and enterprises.
Size: 58.47MB
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integrate mobile data data connect enterprises  

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Advanced Data Generator Firebird Edition Connect to any database! The Advanced Data Generator can connect to any ODBC and ADO datasource. If there's a driver, you can connect and generate data.
Size: 5.11MB
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generate testing images database testing data for testing  
Data Browser Data Browser lets you to connect to any database you want This easy to use program will allow you to connect to any database and browse or modify data, run sql scripts, export and print data. Here are...
Size: 2.13 MB
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database browser log data browser data browser data connect  
XC Connect The XCN Server is hosted on a computer that is accessible by your users and manages users, permissions as well as any shared data. The [b]XC Connect[/b] Client, installed on each user's computer, hand...
Size: 77.22MB
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information task communication create task contact share  
Move MySQL to Another MySQL Database Software Connect two MySQL databases together to send and receive data/ tables Transfer data and tables from one server to another server quickly. Simply provide the login information for both databases to co...
Size: 2.5 MB
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send mysql Receive MySQL Query MySQL webpage interaction  
TracerPlus Connect TracerPlus Connect data syncing software provides an all-in one solution for keeping back-end databases current and accurate. While providing critical syncing capabilities to workers in the field, Tra...
Size: 3.77MB
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SAP Visual Intelligence SAP Visual Intelligence is a handy application that allows you to manipulate external data sources and to visualize the data as a graph. You can use it to connect various databases such as Excel, CSV ...
Size: 224 MB
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generate database import generate graph import database